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What is a Micro Gallery? 

A micro gallery is like a traditional gallery only smaller. Jill Nahrstedt built (with the help of Peter) the Far North Side Gallery to share local, regional (and who knows? global?) art with the residents of the Edgebrook triangle.


How does one use the FNSG? Come by whenever you feel like seeing the art! Please enjoy the art with your eyes only. FNSG will feature a new show every few months. Contact us if you'd like to have a show!


Do I Know You?

Our last show of 2023! 

Canadian artist Teresa Selbee-Baker is painting 100 heads! In this exhibit she shares with us 11 of them and they are stunning. 

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In a nod to Ai Wei Wei’s rebellious act with a Han Dynasty urn, Duncan Sherwood-Forbes shatters a clay vessel - however, the vessel he shatters is important to him only. Unlike his pristine studio, Sherwood-Forbes filmed in a back alley framed by the residue of a dumpster fire.


No one will decry this as an act of iconoclasm. Sherwood-Forbes work is not sacrosanct to anyone but himself. This was his favorite piece of functional work ever made, something to which he was very much attached.


It’s so easy to pick a fight with society, to single out what the last generation held dear and tear it down in the name of change.


It’s a lot harder to destroy your own icons.

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BONE bugs-n-harmony

Local artist Chanym and curator Jill Nahrstedt are filling the micro gallery with tiny creatures, tiny remains, and larger than life drawings and sculptures of said tiny organisms. This is a must-see-in-person!

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The Shape Of Things

Burton Rast is a photographer, public speaker, and was recently freed from the grasp of google.

In The Shape Of Things, Rast holds a unique lens to the buildings both familiar and foreign, distilling them down to simply shapes in black and white. 

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Soft Underground

Amanda Mulcahy

Mushrooms exist as the temporary fruiting bodies of underground fungi. Lasting for short periods of time to disperse their spores, they then fade back into the ground. These forest denizens remind us of the cycle of decay and regrowth, offering a glimpse beneath the surface. 

The colorful caps are snapshots of a dynamic unseen ecosystem. They reveal the interconnectedness between organism’s beneath the ground. 

Just as fungi breakdown and repurpose organic material, these soft sculpture mushrooms are made with leftover fabrics and fibers from the artist’s studio. They are pieced together from various works to create this miniature colony.

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December 2022

Loved, Loss

Deirdre Colgan Jones, Elaine Luther, Angela Lopez, Jill Nahrstedt

Loved, Loss interacts with the use and abuse a caregiver can experience, the way a favorite garment can be "well loved“ and then thrown out. The work confronts the vulnerability of our bodies as we grow, care for, and love our children, with the effort going regularly unnoticed. The inevitability of loss while living is also addressed, the weight of it and whether it's worth the work of loving. It can leave us, women in particular, feeling discombobulated.

This work of unrequited love is generative though, paving the way for a path forward for the human race. Similar to fungus, we clean what is discarded, and share the yield with the community, creating something . . . from loss. with loss. Decay, loss, growth, (moving forward) is beautiful and doesn't have to only be felt harshly. This collective work is a celebration of the underside of growth.

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October 2022

The Privilege of Joy

Jill Nahrstedt

Making something for the sake of pure joy is a privilege. The inaugural show for this gallery is the work of Jill Nahrstedt, in reaction to the privilege of joy. The artist creates mixed media works that are bright and playful, conjuring ideas of vacation and leisure.

The symbolism which includes rainbows, palm trees, hotels, and skateboards, pulls you into the world of rest and relaxation. She then layers in imagery of mushrooms and wildflowers. These are meant to symbolize the everyday network of support that makes a life like hers possible.

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