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What is a Micro Gallery? 

A micro gallery is like a traditional gallery only smaller. Peter and Jill Nahrstedt built the far north side gallery to share local, regional (and who knows? global?) art with the residents of the edgebrook triangle.


How does one use the FNSG? Come by whenever you feel like seeing the art! Please enjoy the art with your eyes only. FNSG will feature a new show every few months. Contact us if you'd like to have a show!


BONE bugs-n-harmony

Local artist Chanym and curator Jill Nahrstedt are filling the micro gallery with tiny creatures, tiny remains, and larger than life drawings and sculptures of said tiny organisms. This is a must-see-in-person!

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The Shape Of Things

Burton Rast is a photographer, public speaker, and was recently freed from the grasp of google.

In The Shape Of Things, Rast holds a unique lens to the buildings both familiar and foreign, distilling them down to simply shapes in black and white. 

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