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Welcome to the Far North Side Gallery blog! This is a really tiny gallery that is huge for us over here at Jill Nahrstedt Art :) The gallery opened at the neighborhood Alley Oktoberfest and it was a huge success!

What is a micro gallery? A micro gallery is like a real gallery only smaller. Peter and Jill Nahrstedt built the far north side gallery to share local, regional (and who knows? global?) art with the residents of their neighborhood. A micro gallery is a great place for an artist to show their work, on a tiny scale, without having to pay huge shipping fees or any fees, really. A call for artists and show proposals will be going out this week!

For the inaugural show, the founder and curator, Jill Nahrstedt, is showing The Privilege of Joy, a really small solo show about a very big deal. You can read her artist statement here alongside her work in the show. The proceeds for the sales of this artwork will be donated to The Institute for Women's Policy Research. Jill chose this charity because they address the gap in women’s economic research and provide economic policy frameworks that are more gender-inclusive. It is her belief that lifting women up economically will help everyone in our society have a shot at experiencing rest, leisure, and joy. These should not be available only to privileged mothers like Jill.

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